Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Wordle, the popular Internet word game. And, although there have been many ingenious Wordle equivalents since the game's release, this one—Waffle—is by far the most delicious!

Wordle and the majority of its word game versions have maintained the linear concept; predict the five-letter word in six attempts. Waffle, on the other hand, is shaking things up in the greatest possible manner. You'll have six words to guess, three of which are horizontal and three of which are vertical. It's like a crossword puzzle meets a Rubik's cube, and it's a very entertaining take on the original game.

Certain aspects of the two games have remained consistent. A green square indicates that you correctly identified the letter and place, whereas a yellow square indicates that the letter is in that word but in a different location. However, because to the game's crisscross nature, any yellow squares on a corner might belong to either the vertical or horizontal word to which it is attached.

While Waffle provides you with all of the letters you'll need to complete that day's puzzle, it complicates matters by placing them in the incorrect location. Don't assume you can simply drag and swap out every square at random – you only have 15 swaps (moves) to make the magic happen, otherwise, you'll lose. You won't know whether a move is right until you've executed it. However, the game's creator claims that each game can be solved in only 10 moves.
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