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Robson Ranch Texas, a Robson Resort Community, will begin its University of North Texas Emeritus College Learning Sessions September 1, 2015. The classes will take place the 17,500 sq. ft. Wildhorse Clubhouse, which is located in the epicenter of the community, and on the first day, t-shirts, permanent name tags and food will greet the participating residents.  The new sessions will include a class on Charles Dickens in December that will feature visitors clad in 19th century attire reading the author’s most noted works. Registration can be achieved at: or Email: or by Phone: 940-369-7293

Life Long Learning provides educational opportunities ranging from fine arts, music, current affairs, history, social science, language, literature, health, for a one time membership fee. The program enables individuals to challenge themselves through mental activity that will undoubtedly facilitate a sharp and agile mindset. Recent research has demonstrated that an active brain produces new connections between nerve cells of which allows the cells to communicate with one another; this cerebral activity assists a brain in storing and retrieving information regardless of age.