Dana Long – Guest Contributor
Jun 27 @ 4:36 pm
Med City Denton hosts blood drive for sickle cell



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Medical City Denton
3537 South I-35E
Denton, Texas 76210

Summer Blood Drives Aim to Help Sickle Cell Patients

Medical City Healthcare hosts 10 Red Cross blood drives across North Texas to help sickle cell patients, offset summer shortages

DALLAS — Ten Medical City Healthcare hospitals will host summer blood drives in partnership with the American Red Cross North Texas Region to offset seasonal blood shortages while providing benefits to sickle cell patients. The blood drives are supported by Medical City Healthcare’s Black Colleague Network. 

“We are proud to work with the Red Cross to help address our community’s blood shortage and bring greater awareness to the need for a diverse blood supply,” says Allen Harrison, president of Medical City Healthcare. “Special thanks to Medical City Healthcare’s Black Colleague Network for supporting this important health equity initiative as part of our commitment to care for and improve human life.”

The Red Cross launched a national initiative in 2021 to reach more blood donors to help patients with sickle cell disease and improve health outcomes. In the U.S., more than 100,000 people have sickle cell disease and may require regular blood transfusions throughout their lifetime to help manage pain and long-term health. Blood donations from individuals of the same race or similar ethnicity and blood type are the most effective way to help patients experiencing a sickle cell crisis, the majority of whom are of African or African American descent.

“A diverse blood supply is critical to improving health outcomes for all patients – especially those with sickle cell disease,” says Brian Moeschler, regional donor services executive for the American Red Cross North Texas Region. “As an organization dedicated to alleviating suffering, a blood transfusion can make a critical difference and we want to thank Medical City Healthcare for their compassionate contributions to this lifesaving cause.”

Anyone interested in donating can sign up for Red Cross blood drives held at the following locations and times:

All donors over the age of 16 are welcome and encouraged to donate blood, especially blood donors of African or African American descent who are needed to help provide the most compatible blood match for patients with sickle cell disease. Visit for specific donor eligibility requirements.