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David R. Hardiman and Bailey

LAKE DALLAS – David R. Hardiman, author of “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan,” will sign books at 11:45 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10, at Lake Dallas Public Library in Lake Dallas. His Christian and inspirational autobiography shares how he endured a lifetime of illness and other challenges alone before Bailey – a shih tzu – became his best friend, service dog and hero.

Because Bailey must go everywhere with Hardiman to provide assistance, she will attend the signing event and offer her paw signature on the books.
 “My story, our story, is full of struggle, prejudice and pain,” Hardiman said. “But it also includes healthy doses of perseverance, love and triumph.”
Hardiman of Arlington was born with a rare medical condition that eluded diagnosis for decades, and he developed post-traumatic stress disorder late in life. Bailey senses when Hardiman is about to have an attack, and she alerts him and helps him deal with the horror.
“Bailey works hard every day to help me function in the world, and she is a gift from God to me,” Hardiman said. “Not all service dogs are Labrador retrievers.”
“Bailey’s Remarkable Plan” (Brown Books Publishing Group) cautions against judging people whose disabilities aren’t obvious. Hardiman doesn’t look like he has disabilities, but the challenges he faces are real.
His book also provides some information about laws that protect people who rely on service dogs.
“Bailey and I have been told to leave malls and other public places because people mistake her for a pet,” Hardiman said. “They aren’t familiar with the laws that protect the use of service dogs.” 
Librarian Tina Hager said a hardcover of “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan” will be added to the library’s collection. “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan” is family friendly and suitable for adults and children.
In addition to signing copies of “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan,” Hardiman will read “Move Over, Rover!” by Karen Beaumont to children attending the library’s Family Booktivities program that day. The program starts at 11:15 a.m., and it also includes songs and crafts.
The library is at 302 S. Shady Shores Road. For information about the library, go to
Hardcovers of “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan” are available via Hardiman’s website To receive autographed copies before or after the signing event in Lake Dallas, send emails to
Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers also offer “Bailey’s Remarkable Plan.”