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Brahm Matzo (Level 9 JD) performs on the pommel horse at the Ricki Deci Invitational

Achievers Boys Team start the 2019 season at the Ricki Deci (RD761) Invitational with 127 top 10 finishes and 19, 1st place finishes.

DENTON, TX – Gymnasts from Achievers Gymnastics Center began their 2019 competition season at the Ricki Deci Invitational in Katy, Texas on January 18-20, 2019.  This competition was attended by more than 1800 gymnasts from 30 states, and many international competitors.  Many of the Achievers boys placed at or near the top of the competition.  The Level 4 team won the team competition in Division 2. 

The next competition for the Achievers boys’ gymnastics team is the Metroplex Challenge to be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, Texas on January 25-27, 2019.


Level 4 Division 2: Team 1st Place

Level 4: Individual

Division 2 – 6-Year-olds:

George Fields – Lake Dallas, Tx – FX 2ND, PH 1ST, R 1ST, V 1ST, PB 1ST, HB 1ST, ALL 1ST

Division 2 – 7-Year-olds:

Ashton Nowicki – Ponder, Tx – FX 5TH, PH 2ND, R 2ND, V 7TH, PB 2ND, HB 1ST, AA 2ND

Ali Alzawad – Denton, Tx – FX 6TH, PH 3RD, R 3RD, V 3RD, PB 1ST, HB 2ND, AA 3RD

Division 2 – 8/9-Year-olds:

William Russell – Denton, Tx – FX 4TH, PH 4TH, R 4TH, V 5TH, PB 3RD, HB 4TH, AA 4TH

Division 2 – 10+-Year-olds:

 Justin Brainard – Corinth, Tx – FX 2ND, PH 4TH, R 3RD, V 1ST, PB 2ND, HB 2ND, AA 2ND

Division 1 – 6/7-Year-olds:

Wyatt Reynolds – Little Elm, Tx – R 7TH, V 10TH, PB 10TH

Xander Brage – Denton, Tx – PH 9TH, R 4TH, V 3RD, PB 6TH, HB 10TH, AA 6TH

Niklas Brage – Denton, Tx – R 9TH, PB 9TH

Division 1 – 8-Year-olds:

 James Davenport – Trophy Club, Tx – PH 10TH, R 5TH, PB 5TH, HB 3RD, AA 7TH 

Division 1 – 9/10-Year-olds:

 Yubin Layman – Corinth, Tx – FX 10TH, R 3RD, V 4TH, PB 1ST, AA 9TH

Level 5: Individual

Division 2 – 11+-year-old:

Wyatt Morin – Denton, Tx – FX 5TH, PH 4TH, R 7TH, V 6TH, PB 3RD, HB 3RD, AA 4TH   

Max Briggle – Denton, Tx – FX 6TH, PH 5TH, R 4TH, V 7TH, PB 6TH, HB 5TH, AA 7TH

Division 1 – 9-year-olds:

Boden Brage – Denton, Tx – PH 10TH

Division 1 – 11+-year-olds:

Jackson Sembroski – Denton, Tx – PH 4TH, R 10TH, HB 10TH

Liam Ouellette – Shady Shores, Tx – FX 8TH, PH 1ST, V 9TH, PB 5TH, HB 4TH, AA 4TH

Level 6: Individual

Division 2 – 9-11-year-olds:

Luke Griffin - Double Oak, Tx – FX 5TH, PH 3RD, R 5TH, V 7TH, PB 4TH, HB 3RD, AA 4TH

Division 1 – 11-year-olds:

Isaac Griffin – Double Oak, Tx – PB 7TH

Level 7: Individual

Division 2 – 10-11-year-olds:

Collin Griffeth – Argyle, TxFX 1ST, PH 3RD, R 1ST, V 1ST, PB 1ST, HB 1ST, AA 1ST

Division 2 – 12+-year-olds:

David Cobble – Denton, Tx – FX 3RD, PH 2ND, R 3RD, V 3RD, PB 3RD, HB 2ND, AA 3RD

Division 1 – 10-11-year-olds:

Aidan Murphy – Denton, Tx – FX 9TH, PH 7TH, V 7TH, HB 6TH, AA 7TH

Level 9: Individual

Junior Olympic - 13-year-olds:

Colby Aranda – Grapevine, Tx – PH 4TH, PB 8TH

Junior Olympic - 14-year-olds:

Will Kudlac – Pilot Point, Tx – FX 2ND, PH 4TH, PB 5TH, HB 4TH, AA 2ND

Junior Developmental: Individual

Division 1 – 12-14-year-olds:

Slayden Martin – Denton, Tx – FX 10TH, V 5TH, PB 7TH, AA 10TH

 Will Weiper – Corinth, Tx – R 1ST, V 4TH, PB 1ST, AA 4TH

Division 1 – 15-18-year-olds:

 Brahm Matzo – Northlake, Tx – PH 6TH, R 3RD, PB 5TH, HB 2ND  


  For more information, please contact Frank Kudlac, Head Coach, and Director of Operations at (940) 484-4900, or by e-mail at

            Achievers Gymnastics is owned and operated by Frank and Johnna Kudlac since 1992.  Celebrating 27 years serving the Denton community, the Achievers curriculum consists of many inter-working programs including Girls and Boys USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic gymnastics teams, Girls TAAF Teams, Parkour classes, Achievers Ninja Warrior Training, and various levels of recreational gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling classes for children of all ages.

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