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Amy Winzcura - Former TWU Gymnast


Places 1st among 50+ entries 

DENTON, TX – Achievers Girls team coach Amy Winczura (former gymnast for Texas Woman’s University) won the Sarah Mcintire award for her outstanding honors Capstone Research paper project at TWU.  The paper presented a study of the effect of female hormone levels on ACL injury recuperation.

The award was given to the best research or creative project from among the 50+ capstones produced by TWU Honors Scholars. 

5 nominees were recognized, and Amy’s was chosen the winner from among them all.

She is the third student athlete in the past ten years to win the award.  She was formally recognized at the TWU Honors banquet and presented a plaque.

Amy stated, "I was taken by surprise when I had discovered I had been nominated for Outstanding Capstone for the 2015 school year and blown away when they announced my name as the

recipient of this award. It's an honor to be recognized for my hard work and dedication to my academics."

Working alongside Amy now and also having coached her at TWU, Frank Kudlac Achievers program director said “Having known Amy for years and watching her develop as an student-athlete

and now a coach, knowing her work ethic in the gym and here at Achievers, it was no surprise to me that she earned this award.  She gives 100% effort in everything she does.” 

Amy will graduate from TWU this May and plans to pursue medical school in the near future. 

Achievers Gymnastics is owned and operated by Frank and Johnna Kudlac since 1992.  Achievers consists of many inter-working programs including Girls and Boys Junior Olympic gymnastics teams,

TAAF girls competitive teams, parkour classes, and various levels of recreational gymnastics, cheer and tumbling classes for children and adults of all ages.

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